International collaboration for a sustainable Baltic Sea

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Biosphere for Baltic provides a unique opportunity for UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the Baltic Sea Region to network and share experiences and results from local initiatives and projects and to find new areas for collaboration. The aim of Biosphere for Baltic is to facilitate learning and disseminate good practices from UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in the Baltic Sea region, within and beyond the network of biosphere reserves. Also, to highlight the contribution of biosphere reserves to the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the 2030 Agenda.

Biosphere for Baltic is focusing on two themes: Source to Sea and Learning and Ocean Literacy. Both themes are of great importance to sustainable development in the Baltic Sea and for the implementation of SDG 14 – Life below water. The themes are also broad, in the sense that they cover many topics and can be interpreted widely.

Source to sea is highly relevant for the Baltic Sea, with its dynamic interface between land and ocean. Human activities upstream; on land and along rivers, affect the ecosystem downstream; in the coastal zone and the marine environment, with several associated environmental challenges, e.g. plastic pollution, water quality, eutrophication etc.

Ocean literacy is defined as “an understanding of the ocean’s influence on you and your influence on the ocean” and learning is key to increased ocean literacy among people and in the society. Learning has also always been fundamental to the work in the biosphere reserves and is a part of their success stories. The biosphere reserves in the Baltic Sea region raise awareness and educate people on a daily basis – by connecting people to nature and by stimulating new knowledge development as well as education for sustainable development.

BFB-COLAB is a currently running project funded by the Swedish Insititute. The project aims to create conditions for a broader and more in-depth collaboration within the Biosphere for Baltic Network with particular emphasis on how to stimulate the collective wisdom of visitors and contribute to ocean literacy through visitor’s centers and awareness raising activities. BFB-COLAB also serves the purpose to secure long-term collaboration in the biosphere for Baltic Network. (BFB-COLAB = Biosphere for Baltic – collaboration, ocean literacy & local engagement for a sustainable Baltic Sea.)


In September 2015, the United Nations General Assembly agreed on a global agenda for sustainable development – the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Unique in its kind, the Agenda with its 17 Sustainable Development Goals and 169 targets is tackling a broad spectrum of development issues crucial to human prosperity. It underlines a clear recognition that social, environmental and economic development cannot be treated separately. Read more 

Om Biosphere for Baltic (sv)

Biosphere for Baltic är en unik möjlighet för Unescos biosfärområden i Östersjöregionen att träffas och utbyta erfarenheter samt för att utveckla nya områden för samverkan. Målet är att stimulera lärande och sprida goda erfarenheter från Östersjöregionen inom det globala nätverket för biosfärområden och till andra intressenter. Biosphere for Baltic belyser biosfärområdenas bidrag till FNs globala hållbarhetsmål och Agenda 2030. Biosphere for Baltic fokuserar på två teman: Från källa till hav samt lärande och havsmedvetenhet. Båda har stor betydelse för en hållbar Östersjö och för implementeringen av SDG 14 – Livet under ytan.


Contact information

Network coordinator:    Johanna MacTaggart
e-mail:                                  johanna.mactaggart(at)
phone:                                 +46 (0)70 660 05 07

Biosphere for Baltic received funding from the Swedish Agency for Marine and Water Management through grant no. 1:11 Actions for the marine environment.

BfB Tools was made possible through the kind contribution by the Swedish Institute

BfB COLAB is made possible through the kind contribution by the Swedish Institute

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